Thesis: The Chemical Structure of Venus’s Atmosphere and Interior Evolution of Kuiper Belt Objects

I presented my thesis over youtube and the reccording can be seen here. A pdf of my thesis can be found here.


University of California Santa Cruz
Ph.D. in Earth Science, June 2020
Thesis: The chemical structure of Venus's atmosphere and interior evolution of Kuiper belt objects

Northern Arizona University
Bachlors of Science in Astronomy, May 2014

Red Rocks Community College
Associate of Arts, May 2010

Professional Experience

Arizona State University
Postoctoral Scientist, 2020-Present

Southwest Research Institute
Student Scientist, 2012-2014

Press Coverage

Jupiter's Early Radiation on the Galilean Satellites:
Scientific American

Oceans on the Uranian satellites:
New Scientist

Radar reflections on Mars do not require liquid water:
ASU, Universe Today, Sky and Telescope, CosmoQuest, ScienceNews

Hot Start Pluto:
UCSC, CNN, Bad Astronomy,,, How on Earth podcast, CBC, Cosmoquest Twitch broadcast, ScienceNews



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